Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics

Our computer forensics experts may assist you with litigation matters involving digital evidence or with corporate security and compliance. We handle cases in our home State of Virginia and throughout the entire United States.

The majority of business and personal data is contained in digital form.  Only a qualified computer forensics examiner can retrieve this information in a manner than ensures its preservation (See What is Computer Forensics?).  This digital data is usually the first place to look when enforcing corporate policy or performing an investigation. Contrary to popular belief, computers retain a large number of data, even data that the user tries to delete and despite an effort to eliminate evidence by a target individual. The specialized knowledge and expertise of a computer forensics expert is critical for retrieving information kept in digital format.

Having a competent computer forensics expert is critical during an investigation or during a court case.  Many cases have been won (or lost) based on the handling or mishandling of digital evidence.  See for example Computer forensics in criminal cases or Computer forensics in civil cases.  Additionally, we have created a comprehensive computer forensics case reporter with some cases involving computer forensics arranged by jurisdiction.

As recognized computer forensics experts, we frequently consult with local Virginia and National media about topics involving computer forensics or digital information security.  Some of our recent media appearances can be seen here. One of our recent interviews, where we discussed our forensic analysis of Android smartphone malware can be seen below.


A computer forensics expert can recover information and computer evidence even if it has been hidden, encrypted, or deleted. In computer forensics, time is of the essence and an investigation must be performed in a timely manner to prevent information from disappearing forever. An important aspect of a computer forensic investigation is that the computer forensics expert must be capable of performing the analysis in a manner that will preserve, identify, extract, document and interpret computer data. The computer forensics analysis must be performed in a manner that conforms with legal requirements so that the results of the forensics investigation will be admissible in court. Simply powering up a computer can result in many files being changed. This may affect the admissibility and reliability of digital evidence. The analysis of electronic evidence includes not only the analysis of documents currently in a computer and those that were previously deleted, but also past versions and alterations of electronically stored documents. Additionally, a forensic analysis may reveal a large amount of additional evidence. An analysis by a computer forensics expert may identify and detect the actions of a computer user as digital files are moved, deleted, encrypted, or transferred. Recovering the information and determining how the With the expertise to properly recover and analyze digital evidence, a computer forensics expert may assist businesses and individuals in civil or criminal legal matters. Additionally, the expertise and experience of a computer forensics expert may assist a business in monitoring employee compliance with corporate policy, analyze network intrusions and unauthorized access, monitor compliance with regulations and privacy laws, and assist in maintaining company systems secured.

 Our computer forensics experts are trained in the acquisition, preservation, handling, analysis, and presentation of electronically stored or digital evidence. Our approach and qualifications as Virginia computer forensics experts will also prove to be of assistance to businesses and individuals in civil or criminal litigation.  From a civil perspective, a victim of computer trespass (or computer hacking) may utilize our services to track down the culprit.  Whether the unauthorized access came from a former employee, a business competitor, or even a former spouse, we may help the corporation or law firm to track down those responsible. A computer forensics expert can also assist individuals accused of computer crimes.  Whether the individual is accused of hacking, computer trespass, computer fraud, use of a computer to solicit a police officer posing as a minor, or the alleged possession of illegal pornography, our expertise can be critical in formulating a competent strategy.  We can assist your attorney in understanding the many issues where digital evidence will come into play.  We may assist businesses, law firms, agencies, and individuals in all aspects of the collection, forensic analysis, forensic examination, preservation, and presentation of digital evidence.


We provide computer forensics expert witness services throughout the United States including Virginia, New York, California, Texas, Maryland, Washington D.C., Arizona, Florida, and more.

 For Virginia residents, we serve most of Virginia's jurisdictions, including but not limited to: Henrico County VA, Richmond City, Chesterfield County VA, Hanover County VA, Petersburg County VA, Fairfax County, Prince William County, Hopewell, Petersburg, Dinwiddie, Quantico, Virginia Beach VA, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Fredericksburg, Stafford, Spotsylvania VA, Hampton Roads, Newport News, Hampton, Williamsburg, Amelia, Powhatan, Goochland, Louisa, Manassas VA, Woodbridge, Charles City, James City, Gloucester, Tidewater, Portsmouth, Shenandoah, Prince George, Sussex, New Kent, West End of Richmond, Glen Allen, Federal Court for the Eastern District of Virginia (Richmond, Alexandria, Norfolk, and Newport News Divisions)

Computer Forensics