Chesterfield Virginia Computer Forensics Expert

AVM Technology is a leading company providing computer forensics services in Richmond, Virginia. An important judicial jurisdiction in the Richmond area is Chesterfield County.  In Chesterfield, VA, civil and criminal cases involving the interpretation of digital evidence are heard daily in the Chesterfield courts.  Some useful information to have is the contact information for the courts in Chesterfield Virginia, where these cases involving computer forensics are sometimes heard.  We often assist attorneys as computer forensics consultants or expert witnesses at trial.
Some Chesterfield, VA courts include:

Chesterfield General District Court and Chesterfield Circuit Court:
Chesterfield Courthouse
9500 Courthouse Road
Chesterfield, VA 23832-0144

You may contact the AVM Technology Virginia computer forensics experts to discuss civil or criminal cases involving computer forensics in Chesterfield, VA.   Some of the cases we handle include:

Civil Litigation (some examples include employment cases, peer-to-peer P2P issues, network intrusion, Internet use evidence, identity theft, breach of contract, divorce and child custody, hidden assets or income, business interference and more)
Investigative services (some examples include evidence tampering, spoliation)
Criminal Cases (some examples include unauthorized access or hacking, child pornography, solicitation of minor over the Internet, computer trespass, military cases under the UCMJ)

You may contact us at:
AVM Techology, LLC 
(804) 332-5752